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Why is the evidence not affecting the practice of fever management?
  1. A. Sahib Mehdi El-Radhi (sahib.el-radhi{at}
  1. Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup, United Kingdom


    Fever is a very common complaint in children and is the single most common non-trauma-related reason for a visit to the emergency department.1 Parents are concerned about fever and it's potential complications, but what knowledge do they have about fever and it's management at home? The biological value of fever (i.e. whether it is beneficial or harmful) is disputed and it is being vigorously treated with the belief of preventing its complications. The practice of alternating antipyretics has become widespread at home and on paediatric wards; is this practice supported by evidence and are there complications as a result? There is still a significant contrast between the current concept and practice, and the scientific evidence. Why is that the case in such a common complaint like fever?

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