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Adherence to follow-up recommendations in asthma
  1. Rene van Gent (r.vangent{at}
  1. Maxima Medical Center, Netherlands
    1. Gea de Meer ({at}
    1. Department of Health Sciences, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Netherlands
      1. Maroeska Rovers (mrovers{at}
      1. Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care and Department of Pediatrics,, Netherlands
        1. Jan L Kimpen (j.kimpen{at}
        1. Wilhemina Children's Hospital, Netherlands
          1. Liesbeth van Essen-Zandvliet (lessen{at}
          1. Pediatric Pulmonology, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands, Netherlands
            1. Liesbeth van Essen-Zandvliet (lessen{at}
            1. Asthma Center Heideheuvel, Department of Pediatrics, Hilversum, Netherlands


              A cross-sectional study showed that 130 out of 1758 (8%) primary school children without a previous asthma diagnosis had undiagnosed asthma.

              Of the parents, 38% refused to visit a general practitioner for this disorder.

              Factors associated with refusal were highly maternal education, mild symptoms and absence of airway reversibility.

              • asthma
              • childhood
              • consultation
              • diagnosis
              • treatment

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