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The Implications of Health Literacy on Patient-Provider Communication
  1. L. Kari Hironaka (lynn.hironaka{at}
  1. Boston University/Boston Medical Center, United States
    1. Michael K. Paasche-Orlow (michael.paascheorlow{at}
    1. Boston University/Boston Medical Center, United States


      Limited health literacy has been associated with a range of adverse health outcomes including decreased utilization of preventive health services, poorer disease-specific outcomes for certain chronic conditions, increased risk of hospitalization, and mortality.

      Although the majority of the research has been conducted in the adult population, there is a small and growing body of research in the pediatric literature.

      In this article, we will review the research on health literacy, consider the range of other communication skills associated with limited health literacy, and explore strategies to improve patient-provider communication for clinicians who care for families with limited health literacy skills.

      • Health Literacy
      • Literacy
      • Review

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