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What is the best treatment for hyperkalaemia in a preterm infant?
  1. Fiona M O'Hare (oharemarie{at}
  1. National Maternity Hospital, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
    1. Eleanor J Molloy (elesean{at}
    1. National Maternity Hospital, Dublin, Republic of Ireland


      Clinical bottom line:

      • Insulin and dextrose infusion should form the first line of therapy in hyperkalaemia of the premature infant. [Grade A]

      • Oral and rectal ion exchange resins should be avoided as they are ineffective and associated with significant and potentially life threatening complications. [Grade A]

      • No substantial data show the superiority of salbutamol over insulin/dextrose for premature infants [Grade D]

      • Exchange transfusion may be used as a last resort therapy. [Grade D]

      • intraventricular haemorrhage
      • oliguria

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