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Smoking habits of parents attending a children’s hospital
  1. Michelle Miller (michellemiller{at}
  1. University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
    1. David Gow (davidgow{at}
    1. NHS Grampian Tobacco Control, United Kingdom
      1. David M Tappin (goda11{at}
      1. University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
        1. Stephen W Turner (s.w.turner{at}
        1. University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom


          This exploratory study surveyed 418 parents attending a paediatric hospital in order to establish their smoking habits and preparedness to quit. We found that 27% were current smokers of whom 81% were willing to try and quit in the near future. These and the parent’s other responses will be used to develop a programme of smoking cessation for parents attending a children’s hospital.

          • parent
          • smoking
          • tobacco

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