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Glioblastoma in a boy with Fragile X; an unusual case of neuroprotection
  1. Ramapriya Kalkunte (ksramapriya{at}
  1. Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, United Kingdom
    1. Donald Macarthur (donald.macarthur{at}
    1. Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, United Kingdom
      1. Richard Morton (richard.morton{at}
      1. Derby Children's Hospital, Derby, United Kingdom


        Glioblastomas in children usually occur in the brainstem and are often untreatable and associated with an extremely poor prognosis (1). Such tumours may however occur in supratentorial locations more typically associated with adult gliomas, where the outcome is more variable, but still poor. We report a boy with fragile X who also developed an inoperable midbrain glioblastoma, and who has survived 8 years after diagnosis.

        • Fragile X
        • glioblastoma
        • neuroprotection

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