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O-197 Health School For Parents
  1. J Llagostera Benedico,
  2. A Díaz Conradi,
  3. A Jou Benito,
  4. P Rodriguez Alessi,
  5. J Sánchez García,
  6. N Béjar Béjar,
  7. G Talló Catarineu
  1. Pediatria, Fundacion Hospital de Nens de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


Background In addition to looking after the physical and mental health of our patients, paediatricians have an educational role towards the population we attend.

Objective Health education towards adults who are usually in charge of children: parents, grandparents and childminders.

Material and methods - Antenatal and postnatal talks ABOUT childcare topics.

- Paediatric Hospital Talks: sleep, feeding, teething, Internet and health.

- Paediatric Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Workshop.

- Breastfeeding Group:

- Talks in Schools: Accident Prevention and First Aid, Infant Feeding.

- Paediatric files: available at Hospital de Nens de Barcelona’s web: an easy reference about childcare, feeding, common infections.

Results Attendance during these 6 years has increased: 42 people attended our activities during the first year (2008–09), compared to 900 during the last academic year (2012–13). Participants actively proposed new subjects. We detected a positive appreciation in surveys after workshops and lectures. 99.3% of respondents (year 2012/13) rated as high or very high their degree of satisfaction after the activities. 86.9% of the participants answered the survey. All those who attended the CPR workshop believed that it should be extended to all citizens in contact with children because it had helped them acquire important new skills.

Conclusions Active and increasing participation rate.

We believe that the paediatric team has the duty, in these days where access to information is easy but not always truthful, of counselling families about common health problems and helping to improve the quality of life of their patients.

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