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O-167b Influence Of Montelukast On The Reliability Of Skin Prick Testing With Inhalant Allergens
  1. D Stamatovic1,
  2. K Starinac2,
  3. M Vujosevic3,
  4. Z Vujnovic Zivkovic4
  1. 1General Pediatric, Private Practice ‘’Primum Vivere’’, Krusevac, Serbia
  2. 2Preschool Department, Service for Health Care of Children and Youth, Krusevac, Serbia
  3. 3Pediatric Department, General Hospital, Bar, Montenegro
  4. 4Pediatric Department, Medical Faculty, Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia


Background and aims There is no much data in the literature about the effects of montelukast on the skin reactivity to inhaled allergens. We analysed whether the skin reactivity to allergens significantly changed after 30 days of daily application of montelukast.

Methods Thirty children with asthma (7–14 y) and with skin reactivity to inhaled allergens were receiving 5 mg of montelukast daily for 30 days. Skin prick testing was done before and after therapy. Size of the papule was measured at twentieth minute after allergen application as quantitative (mean of the largest and normally set diameter on it) and qualitative-bimodal: positive/negative (cut-point: 3 mm). The control group consisted of children of the same age (n = 30) with positive skin reactivity who did not receive any medication and has been tested in the same way. The size of the papule, and the number of positive/negative tests for both groups were compared before and after therapy. The frequency of test conversion in both directions (crossing of positive to negative and vice versa) in the experimental group was compared to the control group.

Results After thirty days of montelukast therapy the size of the papule in both groups was not significantly changed (p > 0.05). Compared to the control group, in the experimental group, there was no significant difference in the change of skin reactivity to allergens, either quantitatively (p > 0.05), or qualitatively (p > 0.05) evaluated.

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