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O-152 Heparin Solution Vs Normal Saline For Flushing Peripheral Venous Catheters In Children. Preliminary Results Of A Rct
  1. F Festini,
  2. F Giusti,
  3. D Ciofi,
  4. N Olivini,
  5. S Bisogni
  1. Nursing Research Unit, Meyer Children Hospital University of Florence, Florence, Italy


Prolonging the duration of peripheral venous catheters (PVC) as long as possible in children is a nursing priority. However, available studies provide conflicting evidence on what kind of flush solution should be used to increase the life of PVCs in children.

Goal To compare the effectiveness of Normal Saline (NS) vs Heparin solution (HS) in maintaining the patency of PVCs in hospitalised children.

Methods Single blind randomised controlled trial. The study compares two solutions used to flush PVCs between an access and another: NS only (group A) vs a solution of Heparin 50 U/ml in NS (HS) (group B). Subjects are children 2 to 14 with a G22 or G24 PVC, undergoing iv therapy twice-in-day, without coagulation problems and taking no immunosoppresant or steroidal drugs. Recruited subjects are randomised in either group using a randomization list. The sample numerosity was set at 26 per group. The outcomes evaluated are: PVC duration on site in hours; onset of complication.

Preliminary results. So far 18 children have been recruited (9 group A, 9 group B). The two groups do not differ statistically with regards to age, sex, location and number of access to PVC.

Mean duration of CVPs is 31.4 h in group A and 120.2 h in group B (p = 0.004). Complications have arisen in 88.9% of subjects in group A and 44.4% in group A (p = 0.06).

Discussion Preliminary data show a relevant difference in PVCs flushed with HS. The study will continue until the numerosity of 52 subjects is reached.

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