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O-138 The Impact Of Parenting Style On Jordanian Adolescents’ Well-being In The North Of Jordan
  1. A Al-Anati
  1. Community and Mental Health, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan


Background and aims Parenting is a complex activity includes specific practices that affect on adolescents ‘development. This study aimed to describe the types of parenting styles among Jordanian adolescents in the north of Jordan. As well as, to examine the relationship between parenting style and adolescents’ well-being (general mental health, self – esteem, and schools’ achievement.

Methods A cross sectional design was used to collect data from 500 students in the age of 13–16 years old (8th, 9th, 10th) classes in the period between April and May, 2012. Parenting Authority Questioner (Buri, 1991), General Health Questioner (Golderberg, 1988), Hare self-esteem scale (Hare, 1985) were used in this study. Clusters random sample was used to select the elements from public and private schools of the three educational directorates of Irbid Governorate.

Results 222 (44.4%) male, and 278(55.6%) female students participated in this study. The results of this study showed the means of authoritative parenting style was 35.3 (Sd = 5.7), authoritarian style was 31.6 (Sd = 4.1), and permissive parenting style was (Sd = 4.6) (33.3) with scale range = 10–50). The results showed a negative correlation between three types of parenting styles, and adolescents mental health. A positive correlation found between the three types of parenting styles, and adolescents’ self-esteem. However, there was significant differences between three types of parenting styles, and adolescents GPA.

Conclusion Jordanian parenting styles had positive impact on adolescents’ self-esteem, and academic achievements, while, it had negative impact on adolescents’ mental health.

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