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IS-016 Asthma Deaths
  1. R Iles
  1. Respiratory Paediatrics, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge, UK


The UK has the highest Paediatric asthma mortality and morbidity in Western Europe. Data will be reported from a longstanding regional (East of England), and the National Review into Asthma Deaths (NRAD). These data clearly describe the risk factors in the UK for asthma death in childhood. Conversely and arguably the UK produces some of the best evidence based clinical guidance (BTS /SIGN, NICE) in the world, however it is clearly failing to deliver quality and safe care to its asthma populations. This contrast has initiated an NHS England quality improvement program; “Delivering improvements in childhood asthma outcomes; A collaborative approach”, to implement a national high impact change model to improve asthma outcomes for children and young people, using the skills, expertise and resources of the 12 NHS England Strategic Clinical Networks. This aims to nationally improve the education of health workers and the asthma population at large, encourage self-management, standardise materials, and review the commissioning of asthma services. Lastly, in a financially challenged health care economy, are such ideals achievable?

Pulmonology Symposium (Supported by and Unrestricted Educational Grant from Chiesi).

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