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PO-1030 Hemoptysis - The Alarming Symptom In Paediatric Care – Four Different Cases
  1. G Petrova1,
  2. D Miteva1,
  3. P Perenovska1,
  4. R Kabakchieva1,
  5. O Brankov2
  1. 1Pediatric Clinic, University Hospital "Alexandrovska", Sofia, Bulgaria
  2. 2Pediatric Surgery Department, Medical University Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria


Hemoptysis is a symptom in a various diseases with different causes and pathology. In some cases blood-laced mucus from the sinus or nose can sometimes be misidentified as symptomatic of hemoptysis is a minor problem, but in others with true hemoptysis the condition could be life-threatening. We present 4 different cases of hemoptysis.

Case1: 15-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis, with a surgical resection of her lower left lobe due to gangrene previous year, presented with severe hemoptysis. She underwent bronchoscopy followed by thoracotomy and resection of right upper lobe.

Case2: 9-year-old boy with chronic cough with abundant greenish, smelly sputum, with blood stains, easy fatigue, dyspnea at exercises, recurrent pneumonia since early childhood. The boy is cachectic with short stature, asymmetrical rib cage, genu varum and bilateral ptosis. CAT confirmed bronchiectasis.

Case 3: 17-year-old girl with hazardous behaviour admitted in the clinic for hemoptysis and severe changes on the X-ray of the lungs. Two weeks after admission and a week after initiation of corticosteroid therapy for suspected hemosiderosis a severe hematuria occurred. Goodpasture’s syndrome was confirmed and the therapy was modified.

Case: 15-year-old boy admitted for “epistaxis” and X-ray changes with possible pneumonia. Varices of nasal septum was confirmed, but true hemoptysis was present due to hydatid cyst in the left lung.

Conclusion In presence of the alarming sign of hemoptysis, a full differential follow-up should be performed for not neglecting severe conditions that could be life-threatening.

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