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PO-1014 Effect Of Laser Acupuncture On The Immunomodulatory Parameters In Asthmatic Children And Its Relation To Asthma Improvement
  1. N Hassan1,
  2. HH Shaaban2,
  3. IEM Ahmed Kamel3
  1. 1Researches and Applications of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt
  2. 2Pediatric Medicine, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt
  3. 3Researches and Applications of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt


Background and aims LASER acupuncture has often been recommended as a treatment of asthma. The technique is noninvasive, and suitable for children.

Acupuncture has been shown to have an immediate effect on relieving the symptoms of asthma. Few studies have demonstrated that acupuncture has beneficial clinical and physiologic effects on asthma, including the immunomodulatory effects of inflammatory cells and cytokines. Our aim is to study the effect of low power multichannel laser acupuncture in the improvement of asthmatic children and its relation to changes in their immunomodulatory system (IgE- Interlukin-4).

Methods 20 cases of asthmatic children (7–15years) were subjected to 12 laser acupuncture sessions in acupuncture points selected for asthma according to traditional Chinese medicine 3 times per week. Clinical improvement and medications used were recorded, IL-4, IgE were measured (ELISA technique), Eosinophilic count and pulmonary functions were done before and after sessions.

Results There were a significant improvement in some parameters of pulmonary functions before and after laser acupuncture sessions in comparing to using of conventional medical treatment only (FVC p <0.001, FEV1 p < 0.001). Also there were improvements in interleukin4 and IgE levels after laser acupuncture sessions (interleukin 4. p < 0.001, IgE p = 0.002) and there were a significant correlation between some pulmonary functions parameters with IL4 and IgE improvement.

Conclusion Uses of laser acupuncture in accompanied with conventional medical treatment is more effective in controlling of asthmatic children than using conventional medical treatment only and also accompanied with improvement of all IL-4, IgE and pulmonary functions.

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