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PO-0987 Fever In Children With Acute Respiratory Infections: Practices And Recommendations
  1. A Holban,
  2. N Revenco,
  3. L Romanciuc,
  4. O Turcu
  1. Pediatrics, State Medical and Pharmaceutical University Nicolae Testemitanu, Chisinau, Moldova


Aim To assess treatment practices versus recommendations for fever treatment in children with acute respiratory infections (ARI).

Material and methods We analysed 189 clinical records of children hospitalised with ARI, aged from 4 mounts to 7 years: 4–12 mounts – 23.8%; 1–3 years – 67.7% and older than 3 years – 8.5% children. The exclusion criteria were: children under 3 months; congenital malformations or chronic diseases; history of febrile seizures. The review included treatment of febrile syndrome in different stages of paediatric healthcare (home treatment, primary medical care and in hospital).

Results Results of the research revealed many deficiencies in therapeutic management of the febrile syndrome: in 28% cases was an inappropriate use of antipyretic drugs by caregivers (at body temperatures below 38°C); the adequate rehydration of children with fever was provided only in 22% of children; Metamisole was used in 23.4%. The source of information for parents regarding the treatment of children with fever was not always the doctor; many parents followed the advices from their relatives, friends and pharmacist. Family doctors and paediatricians were consulted in only 43.9% and 10.1% cases, respectively.

Conclusions Results of the study showed that the existing practices in the fever treatment in children with ARI are explained by low level of information of caregivers regarding the care of a sick child at home and some divergence between international and national recommendations for fever management in children.

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