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PO-0976 Prescribing In The Electronic Age: Faster, Safer, Better?
  1. P Dale1,
  2. P Munyard2
  1. 1Pharmacy, Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, UK
  2. 2Child Health, Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, UK


Background and aims In December 2012 electronic prescribing (EP) and administration of medicines was introduced to the Trust (800 beds, 40 paediatric beds, 3 Paediatric HDU beds, 20 admissions/day) as a pilot – specifically to the Child Health Department – before general adoption across the Trust.

Methods Pre-implementation, training was thoroughly and carefully organised for 40 paediatricians, 60 nurses and 5 pharmacists. Training was face to face and then on-line with face to face support. Mobile computing devices were distributed to the ward areas. All in-patient paper prescriptions were transcribed to electronic systems and paper prescriptions were removed. Ward based 24 h pharmacist/nurse support was available for the first week.

Results All prescriptions were legible.

Antibiotic stewardship easily audited – prescriptions with stop/review date 50%/indication 33% vs. 86%/80% respectively after an educational programme in child health.

No paediatric patients have been given a medication to which they were known to be allergic after implementation of EP.

Dispensary error rates from electronic prescription orders reduced from 5.38/month to 1.5/month post-implementation.

Only 25% of paediatric staff would go back to paper prescriptions.

The system is now adopted across most of the Trust.

Conclusions Departmental involvement in planning was most important as was “buy-in” from the junior doctors and nursing staff. Well organised training for all staff, intensive and face-to-face, is felt to be essential. EP has been accepted and is a safer system which enables audit of practice down to individual levels. Outpatient use is planned in the future.

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