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PO-0967 The Uses Of Clinical Case As A Tool Of Teaching Learning In The Discipline Of Paediatrics At The Faculty Of Medicine PetrÓpolis - Rj - Brazil
  1. E Veiga1,
  2. A Veiga2,
  3. A Simeoni3
  1. 1Pediatria, Faculdade Medicina de Petrópolis, Petrópolis, Brazil
  2. 2Pediatria, Faculdade Medicina de Petrópolis, Petrópolis, Brazil
  3. 3Graduação Em Medicina, Faculdade Medicina de Petrópolis, Petrópolis, Brazil


The Curriculum Brazilian Guidelines state that: "The structure of the degree course in medicine should use methodologies that emphasise active student participation in knowledge construction and integration between the content..." On the study site, the undergraduate medicine has six years duration, with workload 8032 hs. Of this total, 3472 hs correspond to the clinical period when the teaching / learning process occurs to practical distributed in major medical areas. Paediatrics includes a mandatory requirement of this stage presentation Session Paediatric Clinics (SPC) based in the various practice settings in order to instigate the search for knowledge providing a meaningful construction.

Methods A descriptive study, retrospective documentary of SPC presented in 2013 by the undergraduate students of the Faculty of Medicine of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Results There were 70 SCP, 70% from the paediatric ward, 12.86% of the NICU and 17.14% of the other scenarios. Active participation in the choice of topic, review and submission process was on average 3 students and the number of listeners was 40/SCP. The chosen themes, 52,86% are not part of the curriculum previously offered. Infectious diseases have contributed to 37,14% of realisation of the SPC.

Conclusion This study shows for the promotion of proactive methodologies as supporters of the integration of the student as the protagonist of the teaching- learning process and therefore should be encouraged. As for the themes chosen believe that awakening to the search for new knowledge has been significantly.

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