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PO-0962 Diagnostics And Ways Of Preventive Maintenance Of A Syndrome Of Pedagogical Violence V. Ganuzin The Yaroslavl State Medical Academy, Yaroslavl, Russia
  1. V Ganuzin
  1. Polyclinic Pediatrics Department, State Medical Academy, Yaroslav, Russia


We offer the term – a syndrome of pedagogical violence – which designates occurrence of a complex of deviations in a state of health of schoolchildren under the influence of inadequate pedagogical methods, actions and curriculums.

Classification of a syndrome of pedagogical violence (V. Ganuzin, 2011):

1. A syndrome of the legitimate (legalised) pedagogical violence.

2. A syndrome of administrative pedagogical violence.

3. A syndrome of authoritative pedagogical violence.

The express method has been developed for revealing of a syndrome of authoritative pedagogical violence by means of the questionnaire. By the given technique we spend questioning 220 students, trained before receipt in academy at comprehensive schools of various regions of Russia.

According to questioned, 58,6% of students marked the presence of conflicts with the teachers during school training; 51,8% – were afraid of the teachers; 35,1% – were exposed to humiliation by teachers; 75,7% were insult by the teachers.

According to poll data, such mutual relations worsen the pupil’s health. Thus, at 67.1% of schoolchildren neurotic frustration were marked; at 52,7% - mood oppression; at 22,5% - a depression; at 14,4% -belly-aches; at 47,5% - headaches; at 14,9% - aggravations of chronic diseases.

Thus, the syndrome of pedagogical violence is one of the significant factors, influencing physical and mental health of schoolboys.

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