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PO-0955 Closing The Loop – Successful Implementation Of Audit Recommendations In A Regional Diabetes Centre
  1. S Glackin,
  2. O Neylon,
  3. S Molloy
  1. Paediatric Department, Sligo Regional Hospital, Co. Sligo, Ireland


Background A previous audit was performed in 2011 by the Paediatric Diabetes department in Sligo Regional Hospital which examined practices, results and key care processes at annual review and compared them to International Standards (1,2). This resulted in several recommendations aimed to improve metabolic control within the cohort.

Objectives The objectives of this audit were to compare HbA1c levels in 2013 to those in 2011 and to International Standards (3,4,5), to investigate if the previous recommendations had been implemented and to investigate the proportion of patients with secondary complications.

Methods All paediatric patients with diabetes who had an annual review scheduled during 2013 in our centre were included. Exclusion criteria were those who had annual review scheduled at a tertiary centre. Data were collated from retrospective chart review.

Results In our cohort of 50 patients, HbA1c results reflected significant improvement from 2011 levels (see Graph 1). The complication rate was found to be comparable to International Standards (5,6) (see Table 1). There was no improvement in the key care processes performed (see Table 2).

Conclusion Our improved HbA1c results reflect the increased frequency of appointments and use of basal bolus regimes.

References 1 NICE 2009

2 NPDA 2009–2010

3 NPDA 2011–2012

4 IDF/ISPAD 2011 Global Guideline for diabetes in childhood and adolescence

5 Maike C et al. Prevalence of diabetes complications in adolescents with type 2 compared with Type 1 Diabetes.

6 Downie E et al. Continued reduction in the Prevalance of retinopathy in adolescents with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes care, 2011;34

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