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PO-0951 Information Management At Japan Paediatric Society Subcommittees – A Survey Of Information Management At The Time Of Admission
  1. S Okamoto
  1. Pediatrics, Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital, Kyoto, Japan


Background The Japan Paediatric Society is currently surveying information management strategies at other societies in order to gain insight for the future development of their own information management strategy. To this end, we conducted a survey of personal information management strategies upon admission to subcommittees of the Japan Paediatric Society as a pilot study.

Objective The present study aimed to clarify the state of personal information management upon admission to Japan Paediatric Society subcommittees in order to determine information management strategies in the future.

Methods The contract terms for physicians upon admission to Japan Paediatric Society subcommittees were examined based on subcommittee websites.

Results Of the 23 subcommittees, 21 had websites, and one did not have a working URL to the website (as of April 4, 2014). Moreover, one subcommittee did not have information pertaining to admission on its website. Accordingly, we surveyed the 19 subcommittees which had websites that could be analysed. Information provided by the subcommittee websites included the following: basic information regarding how personal information is handled, 3; recommendation required, 5; name, 19 (furigana, 16; English 6), gender, 15; birthdate, 17; home address, 19; home phone (fax), 19; e-mail address, 18; workplace, 19; work address, 19; work phone number, 19; specialty, 10; and highest academic degree, 5.

Conclusion From the perspective of information management, the Japan Paediatric Society must maintain close collaboration with the various subcommittees in the future.

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