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PO-0945 How To Deal With Abuses Of The Internet In Adolescents?
  1. B Stanimirov,
  2. T Njegomir-Eremic,
  3. R Obradovic,
  4. S Basic
  1. Pediatrics, Healt Center Novi Sad, NOVI SAD, Serbia


Introduction The modern world of living, raises the question of recognition of new forms of addiction, such as the internet and gambling.

The aim of the study point to the excessive use of the Internet and gambling in adolescents Novi Sad.

Material and methods Our target group were students aged 14–18 years, from 2009 to 2012 th year, which are treated in the school clinic Health Centre Novi Sad. Students filled in an anonymous questionnaire with the following data: patient sex, age, how many hours a day they spend in internet gambling and how neglecting school work.

Results The survey covered the 589 (87.49%), adolescent girls than that number was 270 (45.78%) boys and 319 (54.22%). On the internet daily for more than an hour of his time 284 (48.25%), during the evening and late at night not sleeping 189 (32.16%). Neglect of homework assignments for the internet is present in 162 (27.56%) students. When asked if they would stop visiting the Internet responded to the 90 (15.26%) students with no 150 (25.47%) students. Number of students who gamble with 74(12.63%). Consciousness to neglect their school and family obligations answer is 128 (21.76%) students.

Conclusion Every day, unfortunately, a growing number of children who are dependent on internet-new lifestyle. To solve this problem it is necessary to daily physical activity or at least three times a week, socialising and communication with peers live, instead of staying long hours at the computer.

  • Adolescents
  • internet
  • abuse

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