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PO-0936 Adolescents In Paediatric Wards: What Do They Really Think?
  1. S Mullen,
  2. J Hughes
  1. General Paediatrics, Antrim Area Hospital, Belfast, UK


Aims To review current adolescent opinion regarding a recent admission to the paediatric ward in Antrim Area Hospital.

Methods A questionnaire was posted to all 11–18 year old patients who were admitted to the Paediatric Ward in Antrim Area Hospital from July 2012- Sept 2012.

The questionnaire was re-posted after 4 weeks to those who had failed to return the initial form.

Results Returns 50/109 (46%); 29 surgical patients and 21 paediatric medical patients.

84% stated that their care was good or very good. 80%felt they had a good understanding of the reason for admission. 84% felt the medical staff took their opinion of board when deciding treatment plans.

46% stayed in a bay with patients a lot younger than themselves with 74% preferring to stay in a bay with patients their own age group.70% were bored some or most of the time. 76% were happy with the level of privacy while 22% felt it could have been better.

2% had a question they wanted to ask but didn’t, while 6%would have liked to have been able to speak to someone in private but felt they didn’t have the opportunity to. 14% felt they could not speak to the medical team, either due to concerns about confidentiality or other reasons.

Conclusions Confidentiality and where to place adolescences are important areas we must consider when planning future development.

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