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PO-0928 Rotavirus Gastroenteritis And Medication Profile Among Children Younger Than 5 Years: Hospital Based Two Year Study
  1. L Jenny John1,
  2. J Cheriathu2,
  3. E Ignatius Dsouza2,
  4. M Shamseldeen2,
  5. A Mathur3
  1. 1Pharmacology, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
  2. 2Pediatrics, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
  3. 3Department of Microbiology, Gulf Medical University


Background and aims Rotavirus accounts for more than 50% of gastroenteritis worldwide and leads to significant morbidity and mortality especially among children younger than five. The drug utilisation profile in rotavirus infection among the admitted children < 5 years with gastroenteritis was studied.

Methods Cross-sectional hospital based study was carried out among children age <5 years admitted to Paediatric ward with Rotavirus gasteroenteritis (RVGE) from 2011–12. A data collection form (proforma) was used to record the demographic, clinical and medication related data. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS version 20 software. Chi-square test and t- test were used to compare variables.

Results 240 cases (24.7%) were Rotavirus positive among acute gastroenteritis (AGE) (Total: 970) among children <5 years. Amoebiasis accounted to 38 cases (4%)

133 children (57%) were males; 38% were of the age group 1–2 years and 24.2% less than 1 year.

Mean duration of hospital stay was 2(1 day).

768 drugs were prescribed in 240 children with RVGE.

Median number of drugs prescribed was three (range: 1–5 drugs).

Majority received 2–3 drugs (60.8%).

H-2 receptor blockers, Anti-emetics, antipyretics and probiotics were the major drug classes prescribed.

Among individual drugs, Ranitidine, Metoclopramide and Paracetamol were frequently utilised.

Of 240 cases, 39 children received treatment prior to hospital visit.

Among 38 Amebiasis cases, Metronidazole was prescribed in all children.

Conclusion Rational use of medications was observed in all cases of Rota virus gastroenteritis in the present study. Rotavirus testing is important tool to differentiate from other GE and thus avoid irrational use of drugs.

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