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PO-0927 The Difference Spectrum Of Activity Of Synthetic Interferon Inductors
  1. V Bulgakova1,
  2. M Dambrova2,
  3. E Makarova2,
  4. R Vilskersts2,
  5. A Bevz3,
  6. I Prostyakov3,
  7. S Nadorov3,
  8. E Osipova3
  1. 1Department of Scientific Research, Scientific Centre of Children Health, Moscow, Russia
  2. 2Laboratory of Pharmacology, Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Riga, Latvia
  3. 3Department of Medical, Pharmstandard, Moscow Region, Russia


Objectives Until now the stimulating effects of these interferonogens have been shown for type I and II IFNs, however the data regarding induction of type III IFNs has not been available. Methods

The IFN (α, β, γ and λ2/3) inducing activities of low-molecular synthetic interferonogens tilorone (amixin), meglumine acridonacetate (cycloferon), sodium carboxymethylcellulose and gossypol conjugate (kagocel) are compared in CBA mice. Results

Administration of tilorone in comparison to cycloferon and kagocel has a significant dose-dependent effect on IFNs concentration in mice serum. Maximal level of all IFNs in serum was observed after 24 h of administration of tilorone (IFNα 176 ± 10 and 398 ± 12 pg/ml for the doses of 40 and 400 mg/kg, IFNβ 8 ± 4–110 ± 6, IFNγ 4 ± 1–46 ± 10, IFNλ2/3 1337 ± 93 and 2231 ± 93 pg/ml). Cycloferon and kagocel do not induce the increase of IFNα, IFNβ and IFNγ in mice serum. The highest level of IFNλ2/3 after introduction of kagocel at the both doses was seen after 48 h (616 ± 135–382 ± 46 pg/ml). Administration of cycloferon at a dose of 150 mg/kg significantly stimulated IFNλ2/3 level in serum after 72–120 h of administration (391 ± 31–388 ± 80 pg/ml). Cycloferon at the highest dose significantly increased the IFNλ2/3 levels between 12–24 h after administration (434 ± 79–441 ± 47 pg/ml).

Conclusion Tilorone induces synthesis of type I and type II IFNs as well as type III IFNs (IFNλ2/3) in serum, while administration of kagocel and cycloferon stimulates only type III IFNs (IFNλ2/3) in serum. Tilorone (amixin) has the widest spectrum of activity and is the most promising of the studied interferon inducers.

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