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PO-0918 The Postoperative Outcome Of Paediatric Surgical Patients During 2008–2013. In Bosnia And Herzegovina
  1. A Jonuzi1,
  2. S Dinarevic-Mesihovic2,
  3. F Jonuzi2
  1. 1Pediatric Surgery, Clinical Center University in Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. 2Paediatric Clinic, Clinical Center University in Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Introduction With improvement in postoperative care of surgical, cardiac, neurosurgical and other surgical paediatric patients, better outcome has been proven. Pts after surgery were transffered at Paediatric, Neonatal Intensive and Postintensive Cardiac Care Units at Paediatric clinic.

Methods Retrospective evaluation of patients treated during January 2008–November 2013 period was performed. Patients were classified according to: sex, age, type of disease, total and specific mortality.

Results Study included 468 postoperative patients. Paediatric surgery was represented with 64.9%. Cardiac surgery 21.7%, Neurosurgery 8.9%, and others 4.2%. Morbidity structure of surgical patients was: EA 12 (3.9%), gastroschisis 8 (2.6%), omphalocele 5 (1.6%), CDH 6 (2%), NEC 15(4.9%), urogenital procedures 75 (24.7%), GI tract-inflammations 41 (13.5%), congenital megacolon 9 (3%), bowel obstruction 72 (23.7%), tumour procedures 44 (14.5%). Cardiac structure: ToF 28(27.4%), VSD 24 (23.5%), ASD 14(13.7%), complex CHD 14 (13.7%), AVSD-a 8 (7.8%), TGA 3 (2.9%), AP stenosis 3 (2.9%), DAP 8 (7.8%). Hydrocephalus was present in 26 patients (66.6%). Total surgical mortality: 14.5%, specific paediatric surgery mortality was: 12.5%, cardiac:16.6%, neurosurgical: 23.8%, others 15%. In morbidity structure NEC was present in 26.3%, survival of 34%, CDH 50%, gastroschisis 62.5% and EA 75%. Survival post cardiac surgery was 100% for DAP, pulmonary artery stenosis 96%, VSD 93%, ASD 82%, ToF 75%, AVSD 57%, 34% for TGA. Survival of hydrocephalus with comorbidity was 20%.

Conclusion Morbidity and mortality of postoperative care patients points for further improvement and development of children health care, having in mind that requres team’s work.

  • PICU
  • NICU
  • morbidity
  • postoperative mortality

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