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PO-0904 Describing The Knowledge Of Parents About Newborn Screening
  1. D Yildiz,
  2. B Fidanci,
  3. D Konukbay,
  4. N Akbayrak
  1. School of Nursing Pediatric Nursing Department, Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Ankara, Turkey


Screeningis generally consider part of the routine care for newborns. Newborn screening for phenylketonuria (PKU) has been available since the early 1960s. The fist newborn screening for PKU started in Ankara in Turkey in 1986 and extended country wide in 1993. PKU rate in Turkey occurs 1 in 4000 newborns because of consanguineous marriage. Consanguineous marriage rat in Turkey is 21%.

This research was planned to describe the knowledge of parents about newborn PKU screening. A questionnaire was used to gather the data. To determine the effects data were evaulated by using chi square test and percentage analysis on the SPSS 11.0 program package.

The study was performed during the period of January 2005 and March 2005 in a University Hospital and 150 mothers in postpartum period were included in the research. The questionnaire was obtained by face to face technique.

Results The mean age of mothers was 26.49% of mother were graduated basic school. 74.7%of mother were house wife. 68% of mothers were primipara. 47% of mothers statedthat the test was ‘a IQ test’. Sixty-four percent of mothers didn’t know how toexecute the test. 69.3% of mothers didn’t know how long to continue the test.61.3% of mothers didn’t know how to learn the results of the test.

Although99.3% of newborns were seem to be physically healthy, it was stated thatpostpartum screening tests should be applied. Considering this results, inorder to inform the mothers about the obtained results, a PKU educationbrochure was prepared and given to the unit.

Conclusions Nurses who understand the pathophysiology and management of PKU in pregnancycan provide the care necessary for maternal and neonatal health. Healthcare providersare responsible for informing parents about the implications of newbornscreening to improve awareness and understanding.

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