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PO-0900 Translation Comfortneo – A Pain Assessment Tool
  1. R Stenkjaer,
  2. M Andersen,
  3. M Scheutz,
  4. Y Hundrup
  1. Neonatalklinikken, Rigshospitalet University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark


Background COMFORTneo scale is a pain assessment tool designed to assess the degree of pain for neonates. The scale is designed to assess the short term or long term pain. Centre for Clinical guidelines recommend the use of COMFORTneo systematic assessment of pain in newborns in Denmark. The instrument was originally developed in the Netherlands, but are published in an English edition.

Purpose The purpose of this poster is to describe how the pain assessment tool COMFORTneo has been translated into Danish and adapted to Danish conditions.

Method We have followed the principles recognised as good practice for the translation and cultural adaptation of an instrument from the source language into another language. This translation process involves eight steps: 1) Preparation 2) Forward translation 3) Comparison and critical review of the translations 4) Back Translation 5) Review of back translation 6) Adjustment of COMFORTneo to Danish conditions 7) Pilot Testing and 8) Proof and final adoption.

Results Translation and adaptation of COMFORTneo has been a fruitful process. Immediately, the applicability of COMFORTneo was confirmed through involvement of many nurses in the translation process. Involvement of nurses has been important and theese comments have contributed to the establishment of a Danish version of COMFORTneo that makes sense for Danish nurses.

Perspectives Following good practice for the translation and cultural adaptation, an instrument COMFORTneo is ready for implementation. This is of great importance as instruments of pain scoring of premature and sick newborns and are called for by many Danish neonatal departments.

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