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PO-0892 Ask A Student; The Logical Solution. A, Proven Effective, Pathway To Continuously Update Your Protocols And The Permanent Availability Of Nurse Student Graduation Subjects
  1. K Unk,
  2. MG Jansen,
  3. CJ van der Perk,
  4. JM Maaskant
  1. Women’s and Children’s Clinic, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Background and aims It is important to continuously optimise the nursing protocols based on the latest available evidence. Besides this paediatric nurse students are often searching for suitable graduation subjects. The aim was to develop and implement an efficient and effective model combining and meeting these demands, regarding the nursing staff of our children’s hospital.

Methods We designed a systematic procedure, combining different key elements:

· Finding evidence based answers to clinical problems.

· Continuous input to optimise the nursing protocols.

· Permanent available student graduation subjects (thesis).

· Motivating both nursing staff and nurse students.

Results After development (2011), we implemented, evaluated and improved this method in 2012.

· The procedure contains 5 steps (from graduation subject to presenting results).

· Clear agreements about results and deadlines (form for each project + written approval).

· Clear description of steps and responsibilities of the 5 different professionals involved.

·2012–2013: 49 recommendations/graduation subjects, resulting in 27 adjusted/updated protocols.

· Start 2014: our databank contains 100 graduation subjects to improve the protocols.

· Efficient use of the already local available EBP knowledge and skills.

Discussion/conclusion We successfully designed, implemented, evaluated and improved an effective and efficient intervention in a children’s hospital. We found a solution for: (a) the permanent need for the latest available evidence to improve our nursing protocols and (b) the availability of suitable graduation subjects in this instrument.

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