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PO-0863a Puberty Period And Epilepsy Onset
  1. G Odintsova1,
  2. N Koroleva1,
  3. L Saykova2
  1. 1Neurology, Institute of Human Brain of Ras, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  2. 2Neurology, North-Western State Medical University N.a. Mechnicov, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Purpose Study connection between epilepsy onset and puberty period at female patients.

Methods work was the part of the antiepileptic drugs reproductive side effects study. Epilepsy onset were studied at 155 female patients older 16 y. Patients were divided into 3 groups according WHO classification of puberty age: 1gr. - before puberty- 1–9 y.o., 2 gr. – puberty- 10–18, 3 g. – after puberty – older 18. Frequency of epilepsy onset was studied in 4 subgroups of puberty period according phases of maturing of hypothalamo-hypophysial system: 10–11 y.- beginning of hypothalamo-hypophysial hormones secretion, 12–13- beginning menses, 14–15- becoming of ovulatory peak, 17–18- establishment of a constant rhythm of hormones secretion. Ages of epilepsy onset and menarche were compared. STATISTICA for Windows system (version 5.5) was used.

Results There were 23 patients (15%) in 1 gr., 92 (59%) – 2 gr, 40 (26%) – 3 gr. Differences in the comparison groups were statistically significant above in puberty (p < 0,001). Epilepsy began in childhood in 75%. Epilepsy onset in 4 subgroups of puberty period: subgroup 1–18 patients (in ¼ cases), subgroup 2–35 (almost in 2/5 cases), subgroup 3–24 (in 1/4 cases), subgroup of 4–15 (less than in 1/5 part). Prevalence of epilepsy onset in the integrated age range of 12–16 years was statistically reliable (p < 0,001). Both epilepsy onset and menarche occurred in 13%(less than in 1/6 part).

Conclusion Thus, hormonal changes in pubertyoften provoked epilepsy onset. It confirms proconvulsive effect of estrogens. Information is very important for patients with burdened neurologic anamnesis.

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