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PO-0832 Early Predictors Of Neurodevelopmental Outcome Of Neonatal Bacterial Meningitis
  1. T Sirbiladze,
  2. N Adamia,
  3. M Ghughunishvili
  1. Central Pediatric Clinic, Georgian State Medical Academy


154 Patients, who were hospitalised in M. Iashvili Childrens’s central hospital in 1998–2005 were investigated. In 70 cases the diagnosis was neonatal bacterial meningitis, in 62 cases – bacterial sepsis and neonatal meningitis and 22 cases patients were in control group with the diagnosis of neonatal bacterial sepsis.

From base investigation group – 132 patients were divided in two groups, in which patients were united by the starting point of disease from the birth: first group included newborns with signs of disease on earlier stage (signs of the disease showed up during 24–72 h from the birth); Second group included newborns with later signs of disease (after 72 h from the birth).

Our conclusion is – outcome of bacterial meningitis depends on the starting point of disease. Meningitis which began earlier than 72 h of life, characterised by severe prognosis. Mother’s chronical infection diseases and brain injury of newborn are predictors of severe complications of neonatal bacterial meningitis. Such complications of bacterial meningitis as are: brain abscess, ventriculitis, neonatal seizures, coma and neutropenia, become predictors of severe latest outcome.

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