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PO-0788 ’kidneys In Crisis’ A Snapshot Of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy In Picu, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin
  1. C Magner,
  2. C Dee
  1. PICU, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin Dublin, Dublin, Ireland


Introduction Continuous Veno Venous Haemofiltration (CVVH) is the extracorporeal renal support therapy of choice in PICU at OLCHC.1 It is an extracorporeal blood treatment where ≤8% of patients blood is passed through a haemofilter. It removes fluid and waste products from the body in a gradual and controlled way avoiding massive fluid shifts.2

CVVH in PICU OLCHC CVVH in OLCHC has seen a considerable expansion over the last 5 years. There are currently 21 CVVH specialists, including a CVVH co-ordinator in post. 2–3 specialists are on duty every shift which ensures continuous service availability. CVVH specialists require 60 pump hours/year to maintain competency. Wet labs are used to facilitate training. CVVH is provided using the Aquarius® which offers a paediatric mode, a safer therapy choice in children (Nikkiso, Co, Ltd).

Results The CVVH service has progressively developed, as is evident in Figure 1. In 2011, 8 patients were supported with CVVH with a run time of 639 h, by 2013 this number increased to 15 patients and the run time had tripled.

Discussion The progressive increase in patients supported with this therapy mirrors its remarkable growth internationally. CVVH is the most dominant form of artificial renal support in Australian and European critical care, and its role as adjuvant therapy in sepsis is attracting increased focus.3

Conclusion CVVH activity is increasing at our institution, facilitated by a competent and flexible team of CVVH specialists. Future adequately powered multivariate logistic regression analysis should address outcomes of patients supported on CVVH.

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