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PO-0775 Respiratory Morbidities In Very Low Birth Weight Infants In A Tertiary Level Hospital, Saudi Arabia
  1. Z Al-Salam,
  2. M Abdelbaky,
  3. A Ammari,
  4. FT Kashlan,
  5. M Alshaar,
  6. A Abdelrahim,
  7. F Quraishi
  1. Neonatal Medicine-Pediatrics, Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Background and aims The improvement of perinatal care has led to significant reduction in perinatal mortality. In our region, there is limited data about prematurity-related outcomes. Therefore, we designed this study to report the in-hospital respiratory morbidities and interventions in VLBWI.

Methods This is a retrospective study of all inborns (Prince Sultan Military Medical City (2004–2012), Riyadh-Saudi Arabia) with a birth weight (b.wt) of <1500 g and gestational age (GA) <34 wks, with no major anomaly. In-hospital respiratory morbidities and interventions were reported. Chronic lung disease (CLD) was defined as requirement of O2 at 36 wks post-conception.

Results 1262 were included (GA: 28 ± 3 wks, b.wt: 1016 ± 298 g, median length of stay (IQR) was 48d (30–74), survival: 83% and exposure to any antenatal steroid: 79%). Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), CLD and pneumothorax were diagnosed in 87, 16.3 and 5.9%, respectively. Surfactant, indomethacin and post-natal dexamethasone were used in 67, 23 and 7%, respectively. Surgical ligation of PDA was required in 3% and iNO was used in 9%. The median days on mechanical ventilation, CPAP and O2 were 2 (0–14),5 (1–21) and 6 (1–36). Males were more likely to have worse RDS, pulmonary haemorrhage and also required longer days on O2 and received more surfactant (all p < 0.05).

Conclusions The findings of this study suggest that our population is comparable to that reported in the literature and males are at higher risk. These data would set a baseline for further clinical trials and quality improvement projects in our region.

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