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PO-0756 Cricoid Pressure As An Adjunct To Neonatal Intubation: A National Survey
  1. RF Power,
  2. JFA Murphy
  1. Neonatology, National Maternity Hospital, Dublin, Ireland


Background and aims Although widely documented for use in adult intubation, there is paucity of literature available on the application of cricoid pressure (CP) during neonatal intubation. It is briefly mentioned in the NRP guideline, as a possible adjunct measure. This study was mounted to determine how widely the technique is used by paediatricians and neonatologists in clinical practice.

Methods A questionnaire was devised, consisting of eight questions. The questionnaire was distributed nationally to 40 consultant paediatricians/neonatologists, 31 specialist registrars, 40 neonatal nurses, midwives and ANNPs.

Results The overall response rate was 76% (n = 84). Findings summarised in table 1

Abstract PO-0756 Table 1

Cricoid survey findings

Conclusions · Almost all the healthcare professionals surveyed were aware of the cricoid pressure technique.

· The majority felt that cricoid pressure has a role in improving glottis visualisation.

· One half found that it facilitated intubation.

· A minority felt that it helped to open the vocal cords during intubation.

· The high response rate provides an accurate reflection of neonatal intubation practice in Ireland.

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