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PO-0731 The Effects Of Early Oral Vitamin A Treatment On The Prevention Of Bronchopulmonary Displasia In The Low Birth Weight Infants
  1. E Calisici,
  2. E Yarci,
  3. H Degirmencioglu,
  4. MY Oncel,
  5. SS Oguz,
  6. N Uras,
  7. U Dilmen
  1. NEONATOLOGY, Zekai Tahir Burak Maternity Teaching Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Background and aims We aimed to search the effect of early oral vitamin A treatment on BPD frequency and other morbidities of prematurity.

Methods The study was carried out as a prospective randomised controlled trial. Infants gestational age ≤32 weeks and birth weight ≤1250 g, having an oxygen support of > FiO2 21% within the first 24 h of life were included in the study. Infants included in the study were separated into two groups; Group 1 (control group) and Group 2 (oral Vit A) by a simple randomised method according to birth weight, gestational age and sex. Vitamin A prophylaxis was administered orally to therapy group at a dose of 30000 IU/kg for 6 weeks beginning in the first two days of life. BPD and mortality rates were compared between control and threapy groups.

Results Total number of patients included in the study was 209. There were 110 patients in Group 1 and 99 patients in Group 2. Considering prematurity related problems and diseases during postnatal period; RDS, Late-onset sepsis, PDA, pneumothorax, severe intracranial haemorrhage, ROP, BPD, and mortality were similar between the groups and statistically the groups did not differed.

Conclusions In our study there was no reduction on BPD incidence with early oral vitamin A prophylaxis given 30000IU/kg weekly and no advantages on preventing BPD. We speculate that, in future studies on VLBW premature infants researchers should take into account of bioavailability of drug absorption from the gastrointestinal tract and distribution will empower the proof level.

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