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PO-0725c  Reference Ranges Of Liver And Spleen Dimensions In Term Infants: Sonographic Measurements
  1. Z Kahramaner1,
  2. A Erdemir1,
  3. B Arik2,
  4. G Bilgili3,
  5. M Tekin4,
  6. Y Genc4
  1. 1Pediatrics Neonatology Clinic, Adiyaman University School of Medicine, Adiyaman, Turkey
  2. 2Radiology, Adiyaman University School of Medicine, Adiyaman, Turkey
  3. 3Pediatrics Neonatology Clinic, Celal Bayer University School of Medicine, Manisa, Turkey
  4. 4Pediatrics, Adiyaman University School of Medicine, Adiyaman, Turkey


Background and aims To determine reference values of ultrasonographic measurements of the liver and spleen in newborns and to provide a reference chart to use easily in daily practice.

Methods In this prospective study, spleen and liver dimensions were evaluated in 384 healthy newborns with a gestation age ≥37 weeks in obstetrics clinic and neonatal intensive care unit with sonography within the first week of life. Relationships of all dimensions with sex, gestational age, height and weight were statistically analysed.

Results No statistically significant differences were found between the two sexes in all dimensions of liver and spleen (p > 0.05). Longitudinal and anteroposterior dimensions of liver and spleen showed no correlation with the gestational age. All dimensions of liver and spleen showed a high correlation with the height and weight. Weight was the best correlated with all dimensions.

Conclusions The reference values of spleen and liver lengths and diagrams from this study may be useful in the sonographic evaluation of spleen and liver in newborns.

Abstract PO-0725 c Table 1

Reference values for liver and spleen dimension

Abstract PO-0725 c Table 2

Correlations between the liver-spleen dimensions and gestational age, height, weight

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