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PO-0722 Pregnancy Drug Users Attended In The Maternity Teaching Hospital Alcides Carneiro – PetrÓpolis-rj/brazil. What We Know About?
  1. A Veiga1,
  2. N Moliterno1,
  3. F Moliterno1,
  4. E Veiga1,
  5. I Cordebel2,
  6. A Goncalves2,
  7. P Montagni3,
  8. F Guimaraes3,
  9. M Silva3,
  10. V Ferreira3,
  11. R Rezende3
  1. 1Pediatria, Faculdade de Medicina de Petrópolis, Petrópolis, Brazil
  2. 2Residente Pediatria, Faculdade de Medicina de Petrópolis, Petrópolis, Brazil
  3. 3Graduação Em Medicina, Faculdade de Medicina de Petrópolis, Petrópolis, Brazil


Introduction The use of drugs of abuse during pregnancy is a public health problem, with deleterious consequences for the mother, her son, family and society effects. The seriousness of the problem and the lack of data concerning the use of drugs by pregnant women in our maternity motivated us to design this study.

Objectives To identify among pregnant women admitted to the maternity HEAC users of licit and illicit drugs through self-declaration.

Method A descriptive, cross-sectional study period August 1, 2013 a January 3, 2014. Questionnaire was applied during the hospital postpartum women, after signing an informed consent.

Results 1055 women were studied, of these 266 (25.21%) were users of drugs of abuse. Among the women who reported using any drugs, were identified: tobacco (36.46%), alcohol (27.81%), cocaine (5.6%) and marijuana (2.2%). The average age of the group of drug users was 25.49 years, while the non-users was 24.81 years. The prevalence of drug use among adolescents was 18.04%. The children of drug users 7.5% had required neonatal intensive care. There was no statistical difference in relation to perinatal asphyxia among a group of users and non- drug users.

Conclusion Considering that the identification of these women was only through self declaration of the use of licit and illicit drugs, it becomes even more concerning the current situation with regard to drug use by pregnant women, since this is probably just the tip of a large iceberg, we need to know so we can meet.

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