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PO-0698 Neonatal Resuscitation Practices In The Delivery Room In India: An Audit Using Videography
  1. SM Nimbalkar,
  2. DV Patel,
  3. AS Nimbalkar,
  4. AR Dongara,
  5. AG Phatak,
  6. R Vasa
  1. Department of Pediatrics, Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad, India


Background and aims Care given to a newborn in the first few minutes of life following delivery is protocol driven. Yet there are deviations which do occur. Deviations may be due to unrealistic expectations from the protocol. We audited practices of managing patients in relation to guidelines for neonatal care.

Methods Observational Study. Continuous video recording occurred at the warmer where babies are routinely placed after delivery. The videos were downloaded and analysed as per steps related to neonatal resuscitation guidelines 2010.

Results In all the 77 videos assessed, pre-delivery arrangements were made appropriately and in time. The post- delivery care was provided by a single person in 24 (31.2%) cases. In most cases this was provided by first year residents (53) and nurses (34). Wearing gloves, providing routine care, drying the baby and changing the wet sheet was followed in 100% cases. The mean (SD) time required to provide routine care was 6.97 (2.07) minutes. Heart Rate was not assessed in 30 (39%) cases whereas Respiratory Rate was not assessed in 28 (36.4%) cases. The mean (SD) time at which heart are and respiratory rate was assessed were 6.31 (9.17) and 4.16 (1.68) minutes. PPV was required in just one case and it was done properly.

Conclusions Fairly short duration of routine care was provided to neonates with absence of major issues. However regular training of residents and debriefing on resuscitations should be considered as a method to improve the quality of care provided.

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