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PO-0681 Effects Of Education Nurse Program In Improving Feeding Pattern In Premature Infants
  1. A Beissel1,
  2. KA Nguyen1,
  3. F Pillet1,
  4. F Doiret1,
  5. F Plaisant1,
  6. H Gauthier-Moulinier1,
  7. AS Magrou1,
  8. H Tarifa-Buisson1,
  9. F Deruy1,
  10. AS Goyet1,
  11. I Conti1,
  12. C Keita1,
  13. C Duhamel1,
  14. S Hommey2,
  15. SDA Hommey2,
  16. S Touzet2,
  17. O Claris1
  1. 169, Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant, Lyon, France
  2. 269, Pole Information Medicale Evaluation Recherche, Lyon, France


Background and aim Poor oral motor development in premature infants is common. These feeding problems lead to longer hospital stay and higher hospital cost. Different interventions have shown their efficacy to accelerate transition and move faster to full oral feeding autonomy. Our study aimed to evaluate the impact of a two year education nurse program on feeding pattern and hospital stay of premature neonates.

Method We conducted a prospective, interventional study during 3-years (2013–2015) in an NICU of a University hospital in Lyon, France. After a pre-interventional six-months period, nurses received a two-days theoretical session coupled to three practical workshops. This training focused on early oral feeding, oral motor re-education and non-nutritive suction. During this two-years study period, nurses are coached in routine practice by speech therapist, physiotherapist, and psychologist. A satisfaction inquiry is conducted at the end of the theoretical session. Finally, we will evaluate the impact on the age of full oral feeding autonomy and hospital stay in a 6 month post-intervention period compared to a pre-intervention period.

Primary results Three day sessions have been organised in 2014 as well as nine workshops with 55 health professionals participating (46% of the total nurse health staff). Hundred percent of the nurses were satisfied and thought that this formation was helpful and could change their practice.

Benefits This would be the first study in France evaluating an educational intervention to improve oral feeding problems in premature neonates.

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