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PO-0665 The Relationsips Between Risk Factors For Hearing Impairment And The Results Of Newborn Hearing Screening
  1. H Sarbay,
  2. S Guven,
  3. A Yazar,
  4. S Bozdag,
  5. S Akova,
  6. I Islek
  1. Pedatrics, Umraniye Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


Background and aims Normal hearing in early infancy is essential forspeech, language, and social and emotional development of human beings. Congenital hearing loss has an impact on normal speech and language. Newborn hearing screenings has been proposed for the early diagnosis and treatment of infants with hearing loss, and thereby improve language outcomes in these babies. Our aim was to evaluate the relationships between risk factors for hearing impairment and auto acoustic emission (OAE) and auditory brainstem responses (ABR) results in patient’s follow-up at Neonatal Clinic.

Material and methods OAE and ABR measurements were performed to identify infants with hearing loss. Thosenewborns who did not pass OAE test or passed the OAE test but had risk factorsfor hearing impairment were screened by an ABR. The risk factors for hearingloss have been evaluated according to the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing (JCIH), 2007.

Results 17 of 100 neonates in the group with risk factors failed OAE tests, of which 5 were also failed ABR test. 3 of 100 neonates in the group without risk factors failed OAE tests, of which 1 was also failed ABR test. When the test fails compared with the number of risk factors; 1% in neonates with no risk factors, 3.2% in neonates with 1 risk factor, 25% in the group with two risk factors, 100%.of neonates with 3 risk factors were failed the screening.

Conclusions The increase in the number of risk factors significantly increases the failure rate of the ABR test.

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