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PO-0664 Superglue, A Simple And Effective Method For Sealing An Untight Catheter For Peritoneal Dialysis
  1. M Wald,
  2. A Schneider,
  3. C Weisser,
  4. J Brandner
  1. Department for Pediatrics Division for Neonatology, Salzburger Landeskliniken/Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria


Introduction Acute renal failure is a severe complication in neonatal intensive care medicine. The only therapeutic option for renal replacement therapy in small infants or premature babies with acute renal failure is peritoneal dialysis. In this paper two case reports of sealing an untight peritoneal catheter with cyanoacrylate glue will be presented.

Patient 1: Premature infant of 34 + 2 weeks gestational age. Dorsal cloaca malformation with megacystis and megaureter, peritoneal dialysis for 13 days.

Patient 2: Term neonate of 40 + 4 weeks gestational age with meconium plug syndrome and volvulus, double ileostomy, necrotising enterocolitis and Morbus Hirschsprung. Alagille syndrome with renal malformation, peritoneal dialysis for 46 days.

All catheters were extremely untight from the very beginning; effective dialysis was not possible. Sealing with fibrine glue was not efficient. Only sealing of the skin with cyanoacrylate glue allowed for effective peritoneal dialysis. Apart from gradually increasing irritation of the skin no serious side effects occurred. No dialysate entered the surrounding soft tissue although the subcutaneous part of the skin channel was always filled with dialysate.

Conclusion It is possible to seal a catheter for peritoneal dialysis quickly and effectively with cyanoacrylate glue without serious complications. The existence of an ileostomy did not interfere with the dialysis.

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