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PO-0661 Transfer Of Behavioural Neonatal Resuscitation Skills Learnt On Simulator In The Simulation Room To Clinical Practice In The Delivery Room
  1. R Vasa1,
  2. J Bates2,
  3. M Henry3
  1. 1Pediatrics/Neonatology, Mercy Hospital and Medical Center and University of Chicago, Chicago, USA
  2. 2Nursing, Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago, USA
  3. 3Nursing, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, USA


Introduction Transfer of behavioural skills learnt in the simulation room to the delivery room setting has not been well addressed.

Methodology We queried the physicians and nurses who participated in resuscitation in an actual delivery room setting. Their training included simulation based training for previous 4 years with emphasis on behavioural skills. Open ended questions included: (1) What went well?, (2) What did not go well?, (3) What would you do differently?, (4) Other comments.

Results 32 events attended by teams of nurses and physicians were the focus of analysis. There was overlapping of physicians and nurses attending different events. 74 nurses and 35 physicians completed questionnaires that formed the database. Teamwork and communication (2 hallmarks of behavioural skills) were analysed. 40/74 (54.05%) of nurses and 13/35 (37.14%) of physicians responded that teamwork was good. 11/74 (14.86%) of nurses and 12/35 (34.28%) physicians responded that communication was good. None of the nurses commented negatively about the teamwork bur 2/35 (5.71%) physicians mentioned that teamwork did not go well. 10/74 (13.51%) of nurses and 6/35 (17.24%) of physicians mentioned that communication was not good. Thus, 68.91% of nurse responses and 71.42% of physician responses were favourable for teamwork and communication. Calling for help and delegating responsibility were also noted on the responses.

Discussion Based on our open ended questionnaire, we conclude that physicians and nurses consider teamwork and communication to be important and these skills are being utilised in the delivery room setting. These results encourage us to continue our study.

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