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PO-0638 Usefulness Of Clinical Risk Index For Babies, Score For Neonatal Acute Physiology And Snappe Ii In Predicting Hospital Mortality In Preterm With Low Birth Weight
  1. M Muñoz-Garcia,
  2. MC Martínez-Padilla,
  3. L Millán-Miralles,
  4. C Santiago-Gutiérrez,
  5. J de la Cruz-Moreno
  1. Department of Pediatrics, Complejo Hospitalario de Jaén, Jaén, Spain


Currently, there is an increased rate of prematurity. The use of risk score calculators is a simple and easy tool to implement in neonatal units. The aim of our study was to evaluate the usefulness of CRIB-II, SNAP-II and SNAPPE-II scores in predicting hospital mortality in preterm infants with low birth weight.

Methods A total of 81 preterm infants with low birth weight and ≤32 weeks of gestation were evaluated. Morbidity and mortality data were recorded and CRIB-II, SNAP-II and SNAPPE-II were analysed. Discriminative value was evaluated by calculating the ROC curve.

Results The overall mortality was 17.3%. The average score CRIB-II, SNAP-II and SNAPPE-II was higher for preterm died versus those who survived (13.7 ± 4.1 vs. 5.8 ± 3.2, p < 0.001; 33.8 ± 16 vs. 12 ± 10, p < 0.001 y 52.7 ± 15.9 vs. 15.9 ± 13, p < 0.001, respectively). CRIB II score showed an area under the curve of 0.925 (95% CI 0.859 to 0.991), p < 0.001. A cutoff of 8.5 had a sensitivity 92.9% and a specificity 80.6% for predicting mortality. The SNAP-II score provided an area under the curve of 0.863 (95% CI 0.758 to 0.968) p < 0.001 and a cutoff of 20.5 presented a sensitivity 78.6% and a specificity 83.6%. The SNAPPE II score showed an area under the curve of 0.925 (95% CI 0.859 to 0.991), p < 0.001. A cutoff of 25.5 presented a sensitivity 85.7% and a specificity 82.1%. The correlation was higher for CRIB-II and SNAPPE-II, r = 0.766, p = 0.001.

Conclusions The use of SNAP-II, SNAPPE-II and CRIB-II scores has a high ability to predict neonatal hospital mortality.

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