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PO-0630 A Randomised Trial Of Positioning Newborns On The Back Or Right Side For Umbilical Venous Catheter Insertion (isrctn71265031)
  1. E Kieran,
  2. E Laffan,
  3. C O’Donnell
  1. Neonatology, The National Maternity Hospital, Dublin, Ireland


Background Newborns often have umbilical venous catheters (UVCs) inserted for drug and hypertonic solution administration. Newborns are placed supine for UVC insertion and tip position is confirmed with X-ray. UVCs are considered correctly positioned when the tip is in the inferior vena cava (IVC). Frequently, UVCs cannot be inserted to the desired depth or the catheter is in the portal vanous circulation on X-ray.

Objective To determine whether infants who are placed on the right side for UVC insertion more often have the UVC tip in the IVC compared to infants that are placed on their back.

Methods Infants without major congenital anomalies who were undergoing UVC insertion were randomised to ‘BACK’ or ‘RIGHT SIDE’ prior to the procedure. Infants randomised to ‘BACK’ remained on their back while the UVC was inserted, while those randomised to ‘RIGHT SIDE’ were turned onto their right side just prior to UVC insertion. The primary outcome for this study was the correct placement of the UVC on X-Ray determined by one Consultant Radiologist who was masked to group assignment.

Results We have enrolled 76 of a planned total of 88 infants since 26/09/2013; we anticipate that recruitment will be complete in June 2014, long before the EAPS 2014.

Conclusions This study will provide valuable information about whether positioning of newborns during UVC insertion affects tip placement.

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