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PO-0618 First Person Perspective Enhances Procedural Metrics
  1. K Cunningham,
  2. G Hawkes,
  3. L O’Connell,
  4. E Dempsey
  1. Neonatal Unit, Cork University Maternity Hospital, Cork, Ireland


Background Procedural videos are used to enhance training. Recording of procedures and video coaching may enhance procedural skills. These typically are from third person perspective.

Aim To determine if first person perspective procedural video recording of pigtail catheter insertion in a rabbit model enhances procedural based metric development compared to standard video recording.

Methods Four neonatologists were filmed in real time using the trocar technique to insert a pigtail catheter chest drain in a rabbit model, under sterile conditions. Each participant was recorded using a stationary recording device, while also wearing point of site video recording glasses (similar to spectacles without lenses). Stationary video recordings were considered to provide third person perspective. Video recording glasses provided first person perspective. All videos were independently scored on a predefined 15 item procedural metric.

Results Third person video recording failed to identify 40% (20–50%) of key intra-procedural components; inserting the needle, using the trocar, inserting the guide wire and dilator. Where as, only 10% (0–10%) was not identified from first person perspective.

Video recording, both first and third person, highlighted other components not previously identified in the original metric, such as important interactions with the assistant. Consistent opinions contributed towards compiling a new best-practice procedural teaching aid. No participants were distracted by equipment worn for recording purposes.

Conclusion First person perspective was superior to third person perspective for identifying all key components. This has resulted in the development a new procedural metric. Future potential video coaching should consider first person recording.

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