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PO-0607a The Benefit Of Computer Assisted Prescription Of Parenteral Nutrition In Elgans
  1. I Stucin Gantar1,
  2. A Pogorelc Erjavec1,
  3. M Mramor2,
  4. J Zbontar3
  1. 1Department of Gynecology and Obtetrics, University Medical Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  2. 2Children Hospital, University Medical Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  3. 3Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics Ljubljana, University Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Background To minimise extrauterine growth restriction in ELGANs computer assisted prescription of parenteral nutrition (CAPPN) was introduced.

Aim To evaluate the effectiveness of CAPPN in growth improvement of ELGANs.

Patients and methods In this retrospective, observational designed study with a nonprobability, convenience sampling to obtain medical records, we compared 20 ELGANs in the study group after CAPPN to 20 ELGANs in the control group before CAPPN. Daily parenteral and enteral intake of macronutrients, calcium and phosphate in five sequetial time intervals of the first 28 days of life was calculated (day 1–3, 4–7, 2nd, 3rd, 4th week). Outcome measures were the lenght of PN, days to regain birth weight (BW), growth velocity, and weight and head circumpherence (HC) <10th percentile on day 28. Numerical data were analysed by independent-samples t-test or by Mann-Whitney U test, categorical data were analysed by chi-square.

Results The combined enteral and parenteral intake of the study group in all five sequential intervals after birth exceeded the intake of the control group. The lenght of PN and days to regain BW did not differ, however growth velocity (14,5 [3,7] vs 11.6 [0,4] g/day (p = 0.03)) and HG velocity (0.9 [0.3] vs 0.7 [0.4] cm/day (p = 0.03)) were higher in the study group. Less growth retardation on day 28 was obtained (weight 2/20 vs 9/20 (p < 0.001); HC 3/20 vs 13/20 (p < 0.001)).

Conclusion In ELGANs delivery of nutrients and growth during the first month of life were significantly improved with CAPPN.

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