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PO-0604 Early Protein And Calorie Provision On A Tertiary Nicu
  1. S Shetty1,
  2. K Tavener2,
  3. D Kabilan1,
  4. A Hickey1
  1. 1Neonatal Unit, Kings College Hospital, London, UK
  2. 2Paediatric Dietetic Department, Kings College Hospital, London, UK


Background and aims Meeting the nutritional requirements recommended by ESPGHAN remains challenging during early NICU care.

We aimed to evaluate local practice and compare provision to recommendations.

Methods In this retrospective study, nutritional data were collected from birth on all neonates admitted to a tertiary referral centre from September to December 2013. Data were obtained from the national database and medical notes.

We assessed enteral and parenteral intake and calculated protein (Grams/Kg/day) and Calories (Kcal/kg/day). Enteral feed data collected included volumes of breast, donor and formula milks. Protein and calorie intake were calculated based on known milk composition values.

Subgroup analysis was performed on infants born less than 32 weeks gestation.

Results40 infants (14 male and 26 female) were studied. Median gestation was 37 weeks. Median birth weight 1847 grams and Median Day 14 weight 1887 grams. 8 infants were less than 32 weeks.19 had enteral feeds only and 21 had enteral and Parenteral Nutrition (PN). No infant had fortifier.

In infants less than 32 weeks, median weight was 772 grams, median protein intake was 2.74 G/Kg/day and median calorie intake was 93.65 Kcal/Kg/day. The majority i.e. 75% were on full feeds of unfortified breast milk by day 14.

Conclusion Protein and Calorie intake met recommendations from day 4 onwards in the whole group but there was a deficit in total calories in a subgroup analysis of the less than 32 week gestation group who were predominantly enterally fed.

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