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PO-0600 Assessment Of Unsuccessfull Maternal Breastfeeding Factors In First Day After Delivery
  1. A Mortazavi1,
  2. M Moharramnejadifard2
  1. 1Neonatal Ward, Social Security Organization, Zanjan, Iran
  2. 2Rooming in Ward, Social Security Organization, Zanjan, Iran


Background and aims In this research we study the preventive factors in successful breastfeeding in first day after delivery.

Methods and materials This research type was observational descriptive case series. It takes from august 2013 to February 2014. Our target populations were 387 and contain every delivered mother with breastfeeding problems in first day after delivery. For every mother unsuccessful breastfeeding factors as table-1 determined and data analysed with SPSS type 20 software and assessed with pearson’s correlation and linear regression.

Abstract PO-0600 Table 1

Influencing factors in unsuccessful breastfeeding first day after delivery

Results Table 2 shows the influence of unsuccessful breastfeeding factors in first day after delivery.

Abstract PO-0600 Table 2

Unsuccessful maternal breastfeeding factors influencing correlation

Conclusion Maternal causes have the most strength, and educational, hospital, and newborn causes have intermediate preventive relation as unsuccessful maternal breastfeeding factors. Cultural causes have the most strength indirect preventive influence on unsuccessful maternal breastfeeding, but epidemiologic causes have not significant relation with unsuccessful maternal breastfeeding.

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