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PO-0594 Who Is The Receptor Of Donor Milk From A Hospital Milk Bank?
  1. MV Jiménez Cabanillas1,
  2. L Serrano López1,
  3. L Zamorano Bonilla1,
  4. E Martín Álvarez2,
  5. M Peña Caballero2,
  6. JA Hurtado Suazo2
  1. 1Paediatrics, Hospital Virgen de Las Nieves, Granada, Spain
  2. 2Neonatology, Hospital Virgen de Las Nieves, Granada, Spain


Objective To analyse if the recipients profile has changed since the implementation of a human milk bank (HMB) in the Neonatal Unit of a tertiary hospital, as well as the clinical indications of donor milk (DM).

Material and methods A descriptive research has been carried out by revising the HMB database from June 2010 to December 2013. The following variables were taken into account: gestational age (GA), birth weight (BW), time of DM reception and reasons for the DM administration.

Results During the researched period, 255 newborn received DM in our centre: 29 (2010), 75 (2011), 84 (2012), 67 (2013). The average GA was 31. BW was 1575 g. Average duration ofintake was 17 days.

Annual stratified analysis: In 2010, the average GA is 31 and the average BW is 1335 g. In 2011, 31 weeks and 1657 g. In 2012, 31 weeks and 1657 g. In 2013, 31 weeks and1688 g.

Prematurity was the main indication for dispensing DM and enteral feeding intolerance is becoming an important indication for DM. In 15% of recipients in 2013, this was the reason for prescription.

Conclusions According to the present information the main reasons for giving DM have been prematurity and low birth weight (63% of all recipients were premature babies born before 32 weeks).

The number of children who take advantage of donor milk has increased as the human milk bank has provided higher amounts of DM in our centre. The administering indications for DM have been also increased, outlining the enteral feeding difficulties.

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