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PO-0558 Anti-influenza Igg Levels In Newborn Infants, Born From Mothers, Vaccinated From Influenza At Pregnancy
  1. MP Kostinov1,
  2. AP Tcherdantsev2,
  3. D Pakhomov1
  1. 1Laboratory of Vaccination and Immunotherapy of Allergic Diseases, Institute of Sera and Vaccines, Moscow, Russia
  2. 2Cathedra of Pediatrics, Ulianovsk University, Ulianovsk, Russia


Background and aims Influenza vaccination with inactivated vaccines is safe for pregnant women, as for fetus. But the levels of immunity protection against influenza in newborn infants, born from mothers, vaccinated by immunoadjuvant vaccines in pregnancy are not investigate yet. We study transplacental IgG levels in newborn infants, born from mothers, vaccinated in pregnancy by subunit influenza vaccines.

Materials and methods We study 79 infants, born from mothers, vaccinated in second and third trimester of normal pregnancy. 42 of them (first group), who’s mothers were vaccinated by three-valent subunit vaccine (Grippol Plus by ‘Petrovax, Ltd company, Russia, contain 0,5 mcg influenza strains and 500 mcg of Polyoxidonium, 37 (second group) – were from mothers, vaccinated by three valent subunit vaccine (‘Agrippal S1’ by ‘Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostic’, Italy) see Table 1. Criteria of Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products by CPMP/BWP/214/96 protocol be used as immunological criteria. IgG-antibody levels were measured in umbilical cord blood by hemagglutination-inhibition reaction.

Results Comparative characteristic of laboratory data achieve that in newborn infants 53,1%, 67,6% and 62,5%, 57,7% were seroprotected against A/H1N1/v and A/H3N2/accordingly, and 59,4%, 80,8% - against influenza B strain (p).

Conclusion When we vaccinate pregnant women against influenza – 53,1–80,8% infants were seroprotected against vaccine strains of influenza no matter of used vaccine type.

Abstract PO-0558 Table 1

Antibody levels in newborns from mothers, vaccinated from influenza

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