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PO-0359 How To Select The Sweat Test Candidate. 10 Years Of Experience In Screening For Cystic Fibrosis In Children
  1. M Neamtu1,
  2. L Dobrota1,
  3. B Neamtu1,
  4. C Berghea Neamtu1,
  5. C Cazan1,
  6. E Rob2,
  7. A Pavel2,
  8. F Diac2
  1. 1Pediatric Clinic, Pediatric Clinic Hospital "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania
  2. 2Pediatric Clinic, Pediatric Clinic Hospital, Sibiu, Romania


Background Sweat test (ST) remains gold standard in cystic fibrosis (CF) diagnosis. Alarm symptoms are age-related.

Aims Retrospective review of cases subjected to ST.

Methods Patients were selected by paediatricians, neonatologists, surgeons, based on suggestive symptoms, personal (PH) and familial history (FH). Inclusion criteria: for 0–1 month age group, patients with PH of atelectasis, meconium ileus, intussusception; 1–12 months, recurrent wheezing (RW), failure to thrive (FTT); 1–5 years, previous group symptoms, plus chronic cough/diarrhoea; >5 years, 1–5 years symptoms, plus recurrent pancreatitis/sinusitis. For all age, patients with PH of salty taste of sweat (STS), salt wasting syndrome, heat shock (HS), and FH of CF, azoospermia. ST was performed with Nanoduct system. Values <60 mmol/L (equivalent NaCl) were considered normal, between 60–80 equivocal, >80 positive. Normal values patients were eventually retested, those with equivocal at least once, those with positive mandatory twice.

Results Were performed 406 ST (344 patients): at 0–1 month 11 tests (45,4% peritonitis), at 1–12 months 175(65,5% RW), at 1–5 years 108(25,9% FTT), at >5 years 50(62,5% repeated pneumonia-RP). 4 tests equivocal, 5 false positive, 6 positive (5 infants: 1 RW, 1 HS, 2 atelectasis, 1 STS; 1 male 4 years old RP). Relating to age, only 1 positive from 141 RW infants (p 0,03) and 1 from 15 RP children; 2 positive from 6 atelectasis infants (p 0,0001), 1 from 2 HS and 1 from 2 STS infants (p 0,0002). Neither pancreatitis, FTT or positive FH.

Conclusions Great attention on infants with other symptoms than classical ones: higher statistical significance for STS, HS, atelectasis.

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