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PO-0354 Chronic Bullous Disease Of Childhood (cbdc) Or Linear Iga Dermatosis
  1. Y Castillo Avila1,
  2. MI Martinez de Pablo2,
  3. A Guell Bara1,
  4. A Diaz Conradi1
  1. 1Pediatria, Fundacion Hospital de Nens de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
  2. 2Dermatologia Pediatrica, Fundacion Hospital de Nens de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


Introduction Linear IgA dermatosis is an autoimmune bullous disease characterised by the presence of linear deposits of IgA in the dermoepidermal junction. Predominates in the first decade of life. It produces blisters that tend to be distributed in rings or cluster of jewels.

Case Report 4 year old boy with generalised bullous lesions on face, trunk and limbs, which are grouped in rings. No palmoplantar involvement or mucous membranes with good condition. 10 days before diagnosed of chickenpox. He had also been treated with amoxicillin- clavulanic acid for otitis media.

On suspicion of bullous impetigo he was hospitalised. Paediatric dermatology oriented probable diagnosis, bullous disease linear IgA dermatosis type vs bullous pemphigoid and practiced skin biopsy. Initial treatment oral prednisone at doses of 1 mg/kg and topical mupirocin.

Results Direct immunofluorescence confirmed the linear IgA deposits at the dermoepidermal junction. Sulfone (1,3 mg/kg) was added to oral corticosteroid treatment, in order to remove corticosteroids at long-term. Three months later the child is in remission from his lessions. The evolution will determine whether it can be considered a case of primary or secondary CBDC, primary cases tend to recur in months or years

Conclusions We present a case of a child with typical lesions of CBDC, with good response to steroids and sulfone.

At the time of diagnosis he was treated with amoxicillin- clavulanic because of infectious process. There are reported cases of CBDC secondary to viral, bacterial processes and drugs, such like amoxicillin and clavulanic.

Abstract PO-0354 Table 1

Differential diagnosis of child subepidermal dermatosis

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